Orancon Group is consisted by Companies and Brands having one sole mission:

Development of Tourism Product.

All brands, including BBT Air - Aviation Services, operate under Spiti World.




Big Blue Travel Ltd, is the main Incoming Agent, with clients all over the world. With an Operation Team of well-educated and efficient employees, can serve all needs for groups, FIT, Incentive and M.I.C.E. with a substantial recognition in the Global Market. Dedicated staff for each Market (French, Italian, U.S.A. & North America, South America, Middle East and Indian Market), is ready to responds in the most demanding request of Tour Operators that wants to include Greece in their Programs.





Greek Spiti ™, is the brand which includes a variety of 39 different Tours in the Greek Mainland and some of the main islands.






Cretan Spiti ™, based on the island of Crete, is the brand which can offer all kind of services and Tours, all over Crete, with a unique and alternative character.





Shorex,gr ™, is a unique International Network, expanded in 14 countries in the East Mediterranean Sea and 42 different Ports, providing Shore Excursions in all of Cruise vessels approaching during the year. It is a Brand which is a part of Big Blue Travel and so far, is the biggest Network in the whole Mediterranean Sea. For 2019, the previsions allowing to estimate that we will serve more than 45.000 cruise-passengers, overpassing the 1.300 calls by the Cruise vessels.






Yourtransfer Ltd, is our transportation company with a fleet of 4 buses and 5 van and cars, providing its services to Big Blue and the above Brands but also to any client needs to deal with.





Mykonian Spiti ™, is the brand which includes all of Tours & Activities in Mykonos, with a staff of 14 well known and experienced persons, providing on the island all kind of services and activities. The “alternative” character of these products giving the uniqueness and creating a huge clientele of international Agents, T.O. but individuals as well. This structure is based on the island of Mykonos in self-owning premises.




For covering better our mission, we created also the brands of:




Mykonos Excursions ™






Mykonian Farm ™








Mykonos Cruises ™ which is an indipedent company with a fleet of 3 traditional wooden-made boats