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In January 2023, we have been appointed as the official General Sales Agent for the airline TUS Air.

We cover all Greek territory and provide services for the airline’s sales, development and the overall representation in the Greek market, providing high-end quality services to individual passengers and travel agencies.  


Our main responsibilities are: 

Field Sales

Direct Sales

Call Center Support

Travel Agent's Help Desk

B2B and B2C Marketing Actions

PR & Media Service


TUS Airways is a Cyprus-based scheduled and charter airline established in 2015. It operates a new fleet which currently consists of five (5) Airbus A320, 180 seats, flying to destinations to and from Cyprus‚ Israel‚ Greece and central Europe.

The airline was founded with the vision to provide better access between Cyprus and neighboring countries in the Eastern Mediterranean, with high frequency schedule during the day‚ comfortable‚ economic flights.

TUS Airways has the vision to exceed customers’ expectations with its professionalism and values and a mission to create experiences for people to remember!

At all flights, there are three fare types available, SAVER, FLEX and CLASSY, offering more service options, comfort and flexibility for all passenger needs, both at the airport and during the flight.

The flights are already published and available for sales via airline’s website, via travel agencies with access to its B2B portal but also via Amadeus and Sabre GDSs.

Passengers can also purchase their tickets from BBT Air Aviation Services headquarter office, at +30 210 9793500, which also accepts and handles all group requests.


For individual passengers: for ticket reservations you can visit TUS Air's official website or call us at +30 210 9793500

For travel agents: for your registration to TUS Air's direct B2B selling platform please call at +30 210 9793500